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Dentolya, applying the systems and management approach brought by the 21st century, has been restructured with the goal of providing higher quality service, more satisfied patients, and happier healthcare professionals. We closely follow new knowledge and practices in the field of medical science and incorporate the latest advancements in modern technology. Dentolya has consistently elevated its success graph, always aiming to excel.

The dedicated team at Dentolya is committed to providing quality service to patients and their families while upholding the core values of warmth, attentiveness, compassion, honesty, and quality that define the "Dentolya" culture.

This service approach has made Dentolya stand out in its region, establishing it as an institution that provides excellent care. With the support of its patients, Dentolya's goals will continue to grow, and its service network will expand with each passing day. Dentolya is the smiling face of healthcare. We wish you healthy days.

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Kurtköy Mah. Ankara Cad.
No:430 Pendik-İstanbul


+90 216 378 96 98

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